1500 ml

A perfectly suitable size for family

1000 ml

Suitable for gyms and heavy exercises

500 ml

Used while walking

300 ml

Suitable for caterings and airlines

Oxygen antagonizes cancer cells

Cancer is not a secret. Today, we know a cell is changed into a cancer cell, when it looses at least 60 percent of the water it needs, for a long peroid of time. Cancer and other special diseses have numerous secondary reasons; but one major cause is detected for cancer, and that is the replacement of the respiration oxygen of the cells with sugar frementation. Dr. Verberg a german scientist _ nobel prize winner_ et al. found out when the oxygen level of a cell decreases to below 65 percent, the cell enzymes responsible for generating energy with aerobic respirate would die.

More oxygen for the cells

This water is a product of injecting 99 percent pure medical oxygen to water and a physical and ionic bond. The existing oxygen of this product is absorbed by the mouth mucus and the digesting system providing the cells with more oxygen.

10 times more oxygen than other waters Products

Oxab is a water free from nitrite and a minimum amount of nitrate and sodium; containing the most normal natural elements and filled with oxygen. In other words the oxygen in oxab is at least 10 times more than the highest quality natural waters_ springs and oxygens.

High quality, eye catching and impervious bottle

Depending in the product type, Oxab bottles, have gas_proof cap, which prevent the oxygen to egress. In addition the use of 3_layer printed Shiring _ the plastic boxing cover _ keeps the product safe from direct sun light.