Goals and policy

Our mission is producing oxygen enriched drinking water according to the latest reliable standards to provide our dear compatriots with healthy drinking water. In addition, we are trying to keep this industry dynamic to garantee the staff with job safty and security and also expand it for all compatriots.


Due to the fundamental actions taken to maintain and improve the quality and quantity of production line, laboeatory equipment, encruiting experts, creating the culture both inside and outsde the organization, we are expecting to become one of the most responsible and commited cusomer oriented compenies till 1400. We rely on our our customers for development and growth.

Environmental and professional hygiene, safty and quality policy

Golestan Ab-e Niroubakhsh Company, as the first producer of oxygen riched water , Oxab,has designed its integrated management structure based on the latest updated standards of ISO 22000, ISO 9001, and meets all necessities of these management structures in every single process stage.

We are committed to applying all legal obligation for the company’s activities such as envirinmental regulations safty rules and professional hygiene. Continuous improvement in the processes efficiency and proficiency of the integrated manafement structure is another commitment of the management, which is applied in all processes of production, support, assessment and evaluation and will continue. We believe in reaching a successful mission and vision via behavioural models, respecting each other, job conscience, truthworthy, continuous education, group work, creating an atmosphere filled with hope and motivation and yet with a two_way communication; Hence we will use all potential facilities, and are determined to elevate the organization. To improve the beneficiaries’ satisfaction, we have settled the management structure. The management representative is responsible to guarantee the settlment of the integrated management. All emoyees are expected to cooperate with him seriously and employ their innovation, creativeness and capabilities. Oxygen_richrd water, a product of more than 15 years of research and experiment and going through clinic tests by dr. Pakdaman, has played a great role in preventing different diseases, as a product of the health collection. As a generally consumed product, it can replace alltypes of mineral water. This product has his patent in America and more than 20 contries of Europe and Asia.

Using packed waters has started since 1970’s, specially in France_ the main producer of packed water at the time. Little by little with the increase in population and inprovement in transportation, production of packed waters also increased. Medicine and natural science researchers have always prioritised fresh air and pure salubrious water for life. They have named these two leading parts of nature, life giving and regenerative. They knew well the importance of water and oxygen and justly refer to oxygen as the element of life and water as the mother of all liquids, the best solvent and also information and energy bearer. Based on the need of health system in the last century, different oxygen therapy methods and other cures are invented, one of which is edible oxygen therapy by professor Abolghasem Pakdaman.

Professor Pakdaman’s scientific researches carried out in the second half of the 1960’s while working in the heart surgery section of Essen university and also in the surgery section on Luvian university of Belgium and afterwards in Tehran university. This research led to the invenrion of edible oxygen therapy method using oxygen enriched water to a much higher amount of the normal dose.

This method has some characteristics as follow:

General specifications of the product

Drinking water enriched with oxygen was appended to the standard “packed drinking water- specifications” number 6694 as a corrigendum. Naturally, water has around 3 to 4 milligrams of oxygen in its structure per liter, but based on Dr. Pakdaman’s innovation, a new technology was introduced and water enrichment devices with various capacities were built. As of now, according to Iran’s national standard, number 6694, oxygen level of packed drinking water enriched with oxygen is 50 to 60 milligrams per liter. Oxab is a water with the lowest level of nitrite and nitrate, has the most normal natural elements and overfilled with oxygen, in other words, Ocxab has 10 times more oxygen than natural waters with most qualities such as rivers and waterfalls. Edible oxygen which exists in the form of physical ion mix in the water, after drinking will be absorbed rapidly by oxygen needing cells in the body

ISO 22000 : 2005
ISO 10002 : 2014
ISO 9001 : 2015
Utilization license